Wednesday Workshops for July

    JULY 2022
9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET
July 13, 2022
Is the future of money digital currency?
Chris and Jim Guld, Geeks on Tour
QR Codes and More, John Krout, PATACS
July 20, 2022
Learning Linux - Networking
The Linux Team
John Kennedy, Orv Beach, & Dave Melton
July 27, 2022
Apple Apps
Mac Find My app and AirTags
Craig Wright, Columbus Computer Society and
Deborah Neff, Prescott Macintosh User Group
Apple Maps -- Flyover Tours and City Guides
Brooke Thomas, Central Kentucky Computer Society
Intro to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
Jerry Rogan, Sunland Springs Village Technology Club

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Is the future of money digital currency? Chris and Jim Guld. Is it the emerging technology of the decade? What are Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? All this and more will be covered in Chris’s presentation with Jim handling the technology.
QR Codes and More, John Krout. QR codes provide a great variety of info and are popular for communicating Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), also known as web page addresses. Find out how your smartphone can read QR codes and other barcodes. In particular, find out about the info stored about you in the barcode on the back of your driver's license or state ID card. Some stores, including grocery stores where the presenter lives, now scan that barcode when alcohol is purchased. The scan obtains a great deal more personal info than your birth date. =============================================
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Learning Linux – Networking with the Linux Team (John, Orv, and Dave)
There have been some requests from attendees regarding “networking” in Linux. However, being a wide topic with no real specific questions for the team, we’ll try to put together a presentation on networking that we feel relates to Linux. The workshop will be of more value to someone if they have a Linux box and more than one Linux box that can be networked together (if you don’t have at least two, you can’t have a network). This would include running Raspberry Pi’s. But even if you don’t, you might learn something and give networking a try.
We’ll start out with the basics of networking; Orv will begin at the beginning with information on IPv4 (we won’t be covering IPv6), addresses, netmasks, gateways, and using DHCP vs. Manual assigning of addresses. He will focus on networking in the terminal. John will share some screenshots of different distro’s GUI windows for setting up networking. Then Dave and John will present options for remote access including SAMBA, Warpinator, AnyDesk, and basic usage of the ssh/scp command in the terminal. Time permitting, Orv may share information of the more modern sftp command. After the formal presentation, we’ll open things up for others to share their knowledge about networking in Linux.
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Mac Find My app and AirTags, Craig Wright & Deborah Neff. Have you misplaced your Mac, various devices, or personal items? Before that happens, learn to set up the Find My app – it can help you locate and protect your valuables. Also learn how to use an AirTag to help you track your keys, wallet, purse, backpack, luggage, and more.
Apple Maps -- Flyover Tours and City Guides, Brooke Thomas.
Intro Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, Jerry Rogan. All of these apps are on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Jerry will demonstrate the ability to Open and View Microsoft Office files and create new documents and save them as Office documents, PDFs, or other formats.

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