Wednesday Workshop, Learning Linux

MAY 17, 2023
9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET

Learning Linux
Features of the “Disks” app
Question of the Month
Desktop Showcase – Xfce
Open Mic

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Join us this month as we continue to explore the Linux operating system. Our featured presentations are as follows.

John will be looking at the features of the “Disks” app for our “Software Showcase.”

For our “Question of the Month,” Cal will discuss the differences between the initially created Cinnamon Desktop Environment developed by Mint and the new Cinnamon Desktop Environment developed by Ubuntu. During “Desktop Discovery,” John will show us the last of the original desktop environments, Xfce. This was considered the “lightest” option for users.

Our terminal instructor, wait – that doesn’t sound very good; our teacher for Taming the Terminal will be unavailable for this month’s meeting, so that we won’t have a session on that topic. But we will be having an open forum for all levels of users for questions and concerns attendees might have about the Linux operating system. So, if we can’t answer them at the workshop, we’ll try at next month’s workshop.

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