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There is some issues with recent actions by the SVE BOD and I would like all of you to take the time to view the Study Session (5/6/21) and the BOD monthly meeting (5/13/21)  to see for yourself what's going on.

We had Cox cable issues on Thursday's BOD meeting at the start of the open session and below is the presentation made that wasn't recorded.

Thanks for you time.   Minor

Presented during open session at Board Meeting May 13, 2021
My name is Dixie Stewart. I have lived in SVE over 30 years. I’ve seen many boards and many managers come and go. Until Lisa arrived and took the position this village had a literal parade of managers. From the outside and from the inside. None lasted very long!
Lisa has become an asset to our village and she has worked hard to do so. She has made it a priority to enhance our lives and most of all she has brought STABILITY to the HOA office.
Due to her - SVE has a wonderful base of volunteers, because she is a team player. I can only wonder how many will continue to volunteer if she leaves. AND let the parade of managers begin!
No doubt, manager and activities director should be separate positions. For many years Lisa has apparently been doing satisfactory work as manager for several boards. But in less than 6 weeks you find her unsatisfactory!
By now she has more experience in that job than probably ANYONE you can hire off the street. YET, in your infinite wisdom you think you can hire someone off the street to do a better job, someone who knows nothing about SVE and some how that is going to better our lives! I DO NOT THINK SO!!!
Last Thursday (in study session) Mr. Fretwell said “ If you knew what we know you might have a different opinion”. Because of legalities you can’t tell us and I think we understand that. BUT the majority of us question how the outgoing President of 4 years, working with Lisa, knew nothing of this incriminating evidence YOU received in less than 6 weeks! Is your information anything more than nit picking or personality conflict situations?? As we all know, no one can please every one!!
Perhaps the person or persons who gave you all of that very important decision making information could come forward and tell ALL of us!
A town hall meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday evening (5/18) when you say you will give us as much information as you legally can. YET you told us Lisa has until tomorrow (5/14) to accept or refuse a contract as Activity Director. If Lisa leaves, that meeting will be moot!
This Board is well on the way to becoming the most disliked Board in SVE history and if Lisa leaves you all will no doubt have earned that notoriety!
In part, #10 in the Code of Conduct for Board members reads: “ Board Members shall not interfere with the duties of the manager and staff. The manager is responsible for all management and administration of the Association.”
HOWEVER - some people in power think they are omniscient and have the authority to belittle, debase and humiliate those persons they feel are their inferiors!
It won’t work! It will come back and bite you in the rear every time!
Does the entire board condone this behavior OR are you going to act on it?

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