Saturday Safari Exploring Technology In-Depth

Saturday Safari
Exploring Technology In-Depth

May 27, 2023
9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET

The WW & SS Team Presents

LibreOffice with John Kennedy
Mesh Routers with Bill James
A Potpourri of Mini Presentations, Judy Taylour

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LibreOffice. Free software – it’s all about sharing. John’s (otherwise known as “Free John”) presentation covers the flagship productivity suite, LibreOffice. This software has all the components (and a couple of extras) that another major software company has that is widely used. He takes us on a hands-on tour of the different sub-programs, and hopefully, you discover a free program with all the features you need in a productivity suite.

Mesh Routers. The purpose of a computer router is to connect multiple devices and facilitate communication by directing traffic on your network. Mesh routers are used to cover your entire house with consistent wireless signals. They are a popular home networking technology that uses multiple nodes, the connection point among network devices such as routers, printers, or switches that can receive and send data from one endpoint to another.

A Potpourri of Mini Presentations. Judy will show us how easy it is to create a mini presentation from various tech sources.

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