New website

New website is shaping up well. Will there be an equivalent "Computer Tips" and "Computer Help" sections? Also, will the SIG's be able to update their own areas? Thanks and keep up the good work! Mark

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  1. Mark,
    My thoughts on the above:
    Computer Tips
    – Members in their respective SIGs could post tips in their forum. This will give everyone in that SIG an opportunity to interact, clarify, expand, …
    – Segregate tips into their respective Interest Group. For instance, I am a Mac guy and don’t necessarily want to review Windows tips.
    Computer Help
    – In the help menu, their is a Helper Submenu that describes Fix-It Tuesdays and lists members who have volunteered to help in their respective areas of expertise.

    Do you have any other ideas on how to provide computer tips and help?


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