Important Computer Lab Vote

Dear Club Members,

We need your input on the future of the Computer Lab and our club. As you are aware, the Lapidary Club has asked to share the Computer Lab with us and the issue has been taken up with the HOA Board. The options that your club board have considered are below along with the pros and cons. In addition, the computer club board has recommended that we expand our club charter to include a broad range of technologies to include: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, home automation, and a host of others. This expansion will require funds to enable hands on familiarization and training. Please review and cast your vote impacting the future of our club. Click here to vote. The voting will close on 21 June.


Computer Lab Use

Option 1: Exclusive Use

Description: Move all Computer Club activities into the Computer Lab. The Lapidary Club does not get any use of the Computer Lab. The Computer Club gives up the Mesa Verde Room except for special events.

- Exclusive use of the facility, allowing us to arrange it as we like.
- Likely to receive a positive vote from the HOA board.

- Giving up Mesa Verde Room slots.
- Potential loss of larger space for more popular seminar topics.

Option 2: Share with Lapidary Club

Description: The west side cabinets remain, and the east side cabinets are removed. The Lapidary Club uses the room on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. The Computer Club uses the room on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. The club not using the room in the morning uses it in the afternoon. The layout of the room can be viewed with the attachment.

- Likely to receive a positive vote from the HOA board.
- Better utilization of space.

- Need to accommodate to an agreed schedule.
- Reduced space due to the remaining west side cabinets.

Option 3: Status Quo

Description: The Computer Club maintains its existing Mesa Verde schedule as well as exclusive use of the Computer Lab. The Computer Club expands into a technology club, offering “hands on” sessions with various technologies, such as Virtual Reality, Home Automation, Security Camera Installations, and more.

- Infinite flexibility as we expand club activities.

- Possible negative vote from the HOA board, which could give the room to the Lapidary/Silversmith Club.

Option 4: Let the Board Decide

Description: Given the complexity and many moving parts of this decision, we allow the Computer Club Board to make the final decision.

- The board is aware of numerous details that members might not be.

- Even our board is not perfect.


Technology Expansion

Description: Expand the charter of our club to include various technologies including: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, home automation, and a host of others.

- Much broader range of subjects to educate and familiarize our members with

- Funds required to purchase the technology items. (Initial estimate, approximately $2400)

Please consider these options carefully and provide your vote. Your input is essential in making the best decision for our club.

Thank you for your participation!



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