This new website has lots of capabilities but can be intimidating to start. There are three ways to get help.
  1. Click here and submit your question.
  2. Videos – The videos below will help you accomplish some of the more common tasks. If you’d like more videos to explain other aspects, just click here and submit your recommendation..
  3. Zoom – The most hands on and interactive. I will host Zoom meetings initially on a recurring basis. Click on one of the Zoom meetings to the right to sign up. Zoom is a free cloud meeting service. If you don’t already have Zoom installed for a computer, go to For iphone, ipad, android; go to your respective app store and download zoom cloud meeting. Check your installation by going to Zoom Test.
  • Set Up
  • Add Post
  • SIGs
  • Events
  • Manage emails
To set up your account, please do the following:
  1. Update your profile photo and cover image.
  2. Sign Up for email Posts
  3. Join a SIG or many SIGs.
It is easy to get information to the club members. Just Add a Post and the information will be displayed on the website and also emailed to people that are interested in your post category.
Special Interest Groups are a great way to share knowledge with fellow club members.  Each SIG has its own forum and a "Facebook Like" area to chat with one another.
Events is an easy way to keep up with club activities. The video below will give you a brief overview as well as instruction on how to add an event. If you would like to be able to add events, click here and request to become an event author.

Controlling your email is easy. Go to the bottom of any website emails and click manage subscriptions.

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