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    Gary Nault

    What password manager do you use and how do you like it?

    John Fawcett

    Gary, I have have been using RoboForm password manager for about 2 yrs now and like it very much. It works across all platforms and is an extension on all my web browsers.
    I previously tried Last Pass but find RoboForm to be more intuitive to use. Once I enter my master password anytime I enter a website that requires a user and password the RoboForm logo is there to enter my credentials or record my entries if it is a new site that I want to save. RoboForm is a feature rich program with good support for troubleshooting or questions. I am happy to report that I have never had to use the support section. Company is also very prompt with updates and bug fixes. I use this program on two computers and cell phones.
    It is a large program so my description here is necessarily short. Please feel free to ask if you have questions.
    John Fawcett

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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