Missing lines with accompanying cells 8180 thru 8182

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    Ray Joyce

    In 2007 excel I have lost such. I’ve tried unhide but no result. Suggestions please.

    Gary Nault

    Hey Ray,

    What did you lose in 2007?

    Minor Cross

    Hi Ray,
    Try selecting rows 8179 thru 8183. They all should be highlighted.
    On the far left side of the spread sheet, put your cursor on the line between 8179 and 8180 and press and hold the left mouse button down.
    Drag the cursor down and the line between 8179 and 8180 should get bigger and all the other high lighted lines should also increase in height.
    The secret is, will you now see the two missing lines??????
    I hope so, please let us know how this worked.

    Ray Joyce

    I did exactly as instructed by Minor and IT WORKED GREAT! All rows are shown with correct detail. Thank you so very much!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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