Learning Linux


December 28, 2022    
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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We want to hear from you at the end of 22, new through more experienced users.
The Linux Team: Orv Beach, Cal Esneault, John Kennedy, and Dave Melton

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Due to the holidays, we’ve moved the December Linux workshop to the 4th Wednesday. We hope you have a very Happy Holiday season. As we wrap things up, we want to hear from you at the end of ’22. The team is sure there are some lingering questions you might want to ask or topics you might want to clarify. Is there something you would like to see again, or do you want to share some great news about Linux? We want to hear from anyone and everyone. Whether you are new to Linux, someone giving it a try from what you’ve learned in these workshops, or a more experienced user that wants to share information with the group or be there to help answer questions. We are also looking for suggestions for what the Learning Linux Workshops should be in ’23. If you want to get your questions or things you’d like to see on the agenda (so you are guaranteed to get an answer), please email the “Host” at jkennedy@apcug.org so the team can prepare the response or demo. See everyone at the end of the month.

Bill James will tell us about his first-time experience with Linux.

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