Computer Club Podcast Summary


Jim asked me to share with the club. If you you would like to see the podcast, click here.


Computer Club  


·       Gary Nytes, Host of SVE Talk. Continuing efforts of neighbor helping neighbor here in the village 

·       If you have a topic you would like us to discuss, email 

·       Today, we are here with Jim Cherry to talk about the Computer Club 


·       Jim, there is a feeling in the village that the computer club is for real computer geeks, is that true?  (No, it's almost the opposite, we are a group of novices that help one another, …) 

·       What kind of topics do you cover in your club? (Little bit of everything, every week we answer questions on how to use both PCs and Macs. Also every week, we invite subject matter experts to talk about everything from PC Security to how to use all the free Google Tools) 

·       I understand that you have several Special Interest Groups or Sigs, can you tell us a little about them and what they do. (Photography Sig: Portraits twice a year, Photo Show in March – Linux: Discuss how to use Linux and all the free software available, this is probably the cheapest way to get involved with computers – Home Automation: Group that discusses the hardware and software requirements to automate your house, everything from control of your lights and locks to opening your blinds in the morning – Webmaster Training: we just started a new Sig for people who are interested in developing websites, it turns out it is very easy to set up a website – Macies: for our people who have Apple products, this Sig discusses everything Apple; computers, iPhones, Pads, watches, home pods, etc) 

·       How can people get involved with the computer club? (Meet every Monday in the Mesa Verde room at 9 or you can join via Zoom – check out our website, for Zoom and meeting details) 

·       What about computer repair? Can you help people who need to get their computer fixed? (Fix it Tuesdays – Joe and Katie – fraction of the price of outside vendors) 

·       What does it cost to join the club? ($20 for an individual, $35 for a couple) 

·       Anything else you would like to tell us about the club? 


·       Thanks for helping people out with their computer issues 

·       We’ll put the website details in the credits 

·       Thanks for joining another podcast of SVE Talk – Till Next time 

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