Computer Club Officer Vacancies

I have let myself be taken by surprise. My term as President of the Club is coming to an end.
Eileen Hendershot's term as Secretary is coming to an end.
Nancy Rogers' term as Treasurer is coming to an end.
Both Eileen and Nancy have said that they will not serve another term. Nancy, in particular, has served the Club in several roles as a board member and I thank her for that. Eileen has been an exemplary Secretary these last two years, and I thank her for that work.
The Club is moving into a new era, beginning to plan for a role in multiple technologies in addition to computers.

To guide the Club in that planning, and the implementation, we need new members on the Board. Our January Annual Meeting will elect a new President, Treasurer, Secretary. I am asking now for interested Club members to step up and volunteer to serve in those roles.
If you are interested, please contact any of the Club officers. Phone numbers are available on the website.

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