Computer Club Leaders are needed

I am re-posting this. It's been 14 days since I asked for people to step up and help keep the Club going. Now, I'm asking again.

The Computer Club is moving into a new era, beginning to plan for a role in multiple
technologies in addition to computers. The current board is considering a name change for the Club, to Sunland Village East Technology Club. Another suggestion would be Sunland Village East Computer and Technology Club.

To guide the Club in that planning, and the implementation, we need new members on the Board.

The current members of the board have been active in the Club for as many as twenty years.

Our January Annual Meeting will elect a new President, Treasurer, and Secretary. I am asking now for interested Club members to step up and volunteer to serve in those roles. It will be very difficult for the Club to continue to operate without the active participation of, dare I say, younger members. Please give careful consideration to the possibility of stepping into one of the Club officer roles.

If you are interested, please contact any of the Club officers. Phone numbers are available in the SVE phone book.
I can be reached at:

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