Gary Nault

Cybersecurity and the Impact of AI on the 2024 Elections

The importance of cybersecurity and the impact of AI on the 2024 elections SVECC Members, The election ecosystem is a prime target for cybersecurity threats and the 2024 United States election cycle will be no different. Though many security improvements have been made in recent years, bad actors continue to become more sophisticated in gaining […]

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Securing Your Email

An issue came up at this morning’s meeting about securing your email. An effective way to digitally sign and to encrypt your email is by using an s/mime certificate. You can get a free one at This will do 2 things: Ensure no one can impersonate your email Ensure no one can read your

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Volunteer Hours

All, Please provide to Deborah Wolfe your estimated volunteer hours per year. For instance, I know Joe and Katie volunteer a lot of their time, even though they get a small renumeration. Perhaps you could estimate the number of hours that you are providing for free if you charged the market rate. Deborah, please compile

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