APCUG Wednesday Workshops for July 19, 2023

JULY 19, 2023
9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET

Learning Linux
Taming the Terminal, Chapter 5 – Orv Beach
Software of the Month – Drew King
Question of the Month – John Kennedy

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This month's workshop will start with Orv Beach and a Taming the Terminal session—Chapter 5. We're nearing the end of the Basic introduction and want to know where you want Orv to go from here (he has some ideas, but we'd like to hear yours).

Our "Software of the Month" section will be our "keynote" presentation on KDEConnect by Drew King. This software lets you connect your Smartphone to your Linux computer and do all sorts of things on your phone FROM the computer.

John Kennedy will be handling the "Question of the Month": What are the differences between two flavors of the same distro with different desktop environments? He will try and point out what differs between Mint-MATE and Mint-Xfce.

Before we go to our "Open Mic, Questions, Answers and Discussions," John will be sharing a new to him distro that has a very unique installation program (a lot different than we've seen in the installations we've done). Then we might take a short trip around the OS (depending on time) to see a few other unique takes on the desktop (it has a very modern look that might be too modern even for him).

We hope to see everyone this coming Wednesday and remind you there will be no August Learning Linux because of the Saturday Safari that week.

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