APCUG Wednesday Workshops for July 12, 2023

JULY 12, 2023
9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET

Technology Always Seems To Be Changing The Way We Listen to Music at Home
and In The Car
Ray Baxter, President & Treasurer, APCUG

AirTags and Tiles
John Krout, Member, Presenter, Writer
Potomac Area Technology And Computer Society

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Technology Always Seems To Be Changing The Way We Listen to Music at Home and In The Car. In my opinion, the way we listen to our favorite tunes at home and in our cars has probably seen the most changes. I'll review how we've listened to the music we choose in our homes, starting with the 78-rpm record and all the devices in between, bringing us up to date with today's various streaming options. Then the focus will move to how we consume music on the road, starting with when it was so "cool" to have a push-button AM radio in the car. I'll also focus on utilizing your existing Compact Disc collection now that new cars no longer have a CD player and streaming from an online service, using Bluetooth, flash drives, smartphones, and more.
This is a presentation I'm constantly updating, so there is always something new to present.

AirTags and Tiles. Don’t leave home on vacation without AirTags or Tiles. They are indispensable for luggage tracking; countless people have already recovered lost luggage using these inexpensive tracking devices. This presentation also includes free apps to detect all nearby Bluetooth devices. This is a good defense for finding any Tile or AirTag hidden in a purse, backpack, or car without the owner's knowledge.

Amazon Prime Days s - July 11 & 12
Apple AirTags @ Amazon -$10 - https://tinyurl.com/3pan5us6
Tiles - https://tinyurl.com/5yt3ysu6

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