APCUG Wednesday Workshops for January 2023

JANUARY 11, 2023
9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET

DNA for Genealogy with Sue Mueller
Genealogy Group Leader, Computer Users of Erie


Did you buy a new Smart TV this past holiday season
and aren’t sure how to set it up?
Hewie Poplock, Director
The Sarasota Technology Users Group
Host of the monthly online CFCS-STUG Windows SIG

1/11/23 – DNA for Genealogy and Smart TVs

Register for this workshop here -- https://forms.gle/5CxnBEbTEAXwE1kv8
You will receive an acknowledgment of your registration and will receive the workshop encrypted Zoom link on Tuesday, 1/10 after registration closes at 6 pm Pacific Time.
DNA for Genealogy. What you can and cannot learn and why. Choosing your test: explore differences among testinganies. Sue will also talk about the importance of adding a tree to your results and extending your results with gedmatch.


Did you buy a new Smart TV this past holiday season and aren’t sure how to set it up?
On the other hand, do you have one you never set up? Hewie’s presentation will help us do both and how to turn a not-so-smart TV into one that is.
You have a Smart TV and use a cable service.
You have never explored any of the free or paid services available on your TV
Many friends and neighbors are in the same category

Hewie will show us how to add and use many free services. He will also describe many services you can use to view free movies and TV shows. You might eventually “cut the cable” by firing your cable company and only using streaming services once you experience how easy it is. All that is needed is a Smart TV and an Internet connection. While many services are free, you can get local, national, and ad-free programming and most sporting events with fee-based services.

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