APCUG Wednesday Workshops for December 13, 2023

December 13, 2023
9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET

Games People Play
By Bill Crowe, The STUG Program Chair, iProducts Forum Leader, and Newsletter Contributor

Should I Buy a Chromebook For Christmas?
By Jolyn Bowler, HHIC Resource Center

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Games People Play. Video or computer games are electronic entertainment requiring user interaction via devices like joysticks, keyboards, or motion sensors.

Visual feedback is displayed on TVs, monitors, handheld screens, or even
virtual reality headsets. Games are audiovisual, often involving sound and
sometimes tactile feedback. They may support a microphone and webcam
for in-game conversation and live streaming. The 2022 global gaming market
revenue nearly reached $347 billion.

Bill's presentation will delve into diverse video games, from single-player Wordle and Lumosity to multiplayer Minecraft and Call of Duty. These games, enjoyable and potentially addictive, cater to all ages. Whether a player or not, the presentation will highlight the various games available today.

Bill Crowe has extensive experience and knowledge, with a BS in Mathematics
Education and a 34-year career at IBM. He's completed IBM-certified coursework from
top institutions and taught computer-related classes at several colleges and institutions,
including Sarasota Adult and Community Enrichment (ACE). As an active member of the Sarasota Technology Users Group "STUG," Bill's passion for teaching shines in the classroom, where he promotes knowledge transfer. His students confirm a lot of learning happens in his classes.

Should I Buy a Chromebook For Christmas?
Chromebooks are a good option for users who:
•Spend most of their time online
•Use cloud-based software
•Don't need to install traditional software
•Are looking for a secure and easy-to-use laptop
•Are on a budget

Jolyn was first introduced to technology and computers through Madeleine L’Engle’s book “A Wrinkle in Time.” In 9th grade, she visited the IBM offices in White Plains, NY. After graduating from Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School in Manhattan, she found her first job at Children’s Television Workshop as Secretary to the Assistant Director of Operations, Bob Dahl. When the Telex or TWX was down or a video or film reel wouldn’t load, she was the one folks came to. In 1973, Jolyn moved to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and worked as a Camera Operator at the local SCETV station. In 1982, she took two classes: An Introduction to Computer Concepts and a Word processing class on a dedicated DecMate system.

She worked as a “temp” during the 80s and could help any office with their computer needs. Jolyn discovered the Hilton Head Island Computer Club in 1991 and immediately volunteered at the monthly meetings. Through the years, she has held the position of Membership Director, Webmistress, Vice President, and President. She is now the Resource Center Director for the Club.

When Covid shut down the club, Jolyn took to Zoom, and they could communicate with members through the shutdown. Good presentations, even if they couldn’t meet in person. Jolyn often gives presentations and has been the Zoom Queen, helping all the Volunteers do their Zoom presentations.

Jolyn is also a singer and guitarist and has jammed and played with the same group of friends for 30+ years—something about the mathematics of computers and music that fits.

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