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MARCH 2022

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March 9, 2022
Gmail – Beginner to Pro
Rob Truman, Webmaster, Computer Booters
Cool, Fun, & Helpful Google Stuff
Judy Taylour, SCV Computer Club

Register for this workshop here -- https://forms.gle/87trrKQUpQ9jiftJ8

Gmail – Beginner to Pro. Get the most out of your Gmail account. When it comes to Email, Gmail is considered by many to be the standard and a must-have when it comes to electronic communications. This presentation will address the features and benefits, including how to: organize your messages, create, and apply labels and filters, set your preferences, including customizing the look of Gmail, and using Gmail offline. Plus, learn how to use the Gmail sidebar to access your Google Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and Contacts.

Cool, Fun, & Helpful Google Stuff. Shhh! Some of them are secrets.
March 16, 2022
Learning Linux #14
Linux Evangelists
Orv Beach, Cal Esneault, John Kennedy

Register for this workshop here -- https://forms.gle/FVozGHGYzxAXFZhu8

For this workshop, we'll be having a Roundtable discussion where we'll get to learn about what Linux users are using for their everyday software. We'll take a category and start with the Learning Linux panel to find out what they use. Then we want others to share what they are using (and if you are using the same thing as someone else, we want to know). This way, we may learn what the most popular software is for a particular category, and we may learn some new software suggestions to give a try. This will be a win-win for everyone who attends. Following are some of the categories we'll be sharing as our favorite software. We hope you will create a list you can share with us live or you can submit it in the Chat Box. This is not the complete list because someone will think of something we didn't: Browsers, File Managers, Word Processors, Document readers (PDF), Text editors, Note-taking, Office Suites, audio/video players, audio/video editors, Photo organizers, Graphic viewers/editors, Screen capture/recorder, Cloud storage, Remote access, Image/Data Anti-Virus/Malware/Spyware protection, Hard drive clean-up, E-mail, and System Monitoring tools. Plus, we will consider anything you think we missed.
We will cover backup apps at the March 30, World Backup Day Workshop.
March 30, 2022
Celebrating World Backup Day
Backups in a Busy World
Mark Schulman, Central Florida Computer Society

Register for this workshop here - https://forms.gle/hn1JVG8kn7jPvPuB6

It's World Backup Day on March 31 – Given enough time, every hard drive eventually fails, and most often, this means that all your photos, documents, and video -- everything! -- is lost. And recent evidence suggests that even under the best circumstances, hard drives don't last as long as previously thought. Backups are the only defense against serious data loss, yet most people don't bother. So instead, discover essential strategies to ensure your data is safe with the least amount of trouble.

After Mark's presentation, we will have a Roundtable where attendees will have the opportunity to tell or show us which backup app works for them. If you are one of the many people who don't backup, you might find one you would like to use. Please let Judy (jtaylour@apcug.org) know which program you would like to share with us.

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