APCUG Wednesday Workshop for April 10, 2024

APRIL 10, 2024
9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET

Is Your Car Spying on You?
Why Your Car Collects and Shares Data
Dale Harrington, Program Chair
Mile High Computer Resource Organization (MiCRO)
Use Zoom's Take Control, Microsoft's Quick Assist or Remote Assistance
to Help Someone with Their Windows Computer
Francis Chao, Hosted Website Committee

Register here – https://forms.gle/o2tMa3gerRyii5Wr7
After you click Submit, you will receive a pop-up acknowledgment of your registration. On April 9, after registration closes at 6 pm Pacific Time, you will receive the encrypted Zoom link. See you on Wednesday.

Is Your Car Spying on You? Why Your Car Collects and Shares Data. A car (and its app, if you installed one on your phone) can collect all sorts of data in the background without you realizing it. This, in turn, may be shared for various purposes, including advertising and risk assessment for insurance companies. The data collection list is long and depends on the car's make, model, and trim. But if you look through any car maker's privacy policy, you'll see some trends. Dale will talk about what types of data may be shared with, among others, dealers, repair companies, emergency services, advertising, and insurance companies.

Use Zoom's "Take Control," Microsoft's "Quick Assist," or "Remote Assistance" to Help Someone with Their Windows Computer. Francis' presentation will consist of live demonstrations to show you how to use your "Zoom Meetings Client" or Microsoft's "Quick Assist" or "Remote Assistance" to help a Windows.. computer user without being physically present at their home or business. Francis will use two virtual machines, each connected to a different Internet service provider, to show you how these two remote control capabilities look from the standpoint of the helper's computer AND the helped person's computer. Francis will give demonstrations on:

Zoom's "Take Control" feature
Windows bundled "Quick Assist"
Windows "Remote Assistance"

We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday.

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