APCUG APCUG APCUG- June 22, 2022 Wednesday Workshop

Digital Literacy with TechBoomers


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JUNE 22, 2022
9am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET

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  Digital Literacy with TechBoomers
Jessica Dawson, YouTube Channel Manager
Corbin Hartwick, Website Content Builder
  Registration link: https://forms.gle/dmSNBKtKFnHaY83c8
TechBoomers.com is a free educational website that teaches casual technology users, older adults, tech teachers, and any everyday Internet user how to use the websites, apps, and devices they enjoy using on a daily basis. We aim to improve everyday life by teaching our users about the great new sites and services online that they should start making use of today.
TechBoomers’ tutorials and articles cover Shopping Online, Online Entertainment, Social Media Websites and Apps, Useful Websites and Apps, and Technology Basics.
TechBoomers loves sharing knowledge with as many people as possible! You can use their tutorials and articles however you like for SIG meetings, a hands-on presentation at your club meeting, to teach classes – you can even turn their tutorials into a PowerPoint presentation. TechBoomers materials are 100% free to use and distribute in any way you like!  

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