Upcoming Events

Windows  Training
Joe Zagar Instructor
    Thursday March 21st  2019 1 to 3 pm Fee $10.00
Adobe Photoshop Elements  Curt Bellin Instructor Schedule link         Beginners and Intermediate $20.00 per person limit 6 per class 


Computer Club Sponsored Events Christmas Concert East Valley Pops December 16th 2019 (volunteers needed)

Strolling Strings from Highland High School Februaury 4th 2020


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The SVECC Photo Group is hosting the 11th annual SVECC Photo Show on Sunday, March 1, 2020  from 1 to 4 PM in the Oakwood Room.  Submission of photos will be open to all SVE residents. All photos must be taken by the submitter. Submissions will be limited to 160 photos based on space constraints. 

Annual Photo Contest Rules for 2020 (click here)

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Photo show links 2019

Entire Photo Show:!AgcagVFxlvVAvirVkRai_zRQEzWy


Photo Show Winners:!AgcagVFxlvVAvxtXaMhLmc--EVva