Club Officers


 President   Dick Moon 1/20 (1)  e-mail me
 1st Vice-president   Bonnie Catton  1/20 (1)  e-mail me 
 2ndt Vice-president    Elvin Shaw 1/19/(1)   e-mail me  
 Treasurer   Jim Cherry 1/20 (1)  e-mail me  
 Secretary   Margarert Tweten  1/20(1)   e-mail me

Appointed Officers
Membership   Dolores Bruno e-mail me 
Programs   Boyd Tong  e-mail me 
Web Master  Joe Zagar e-mail me
Equipment and Software   Minor Cross e-mail me 
Publicity    Peggy Lenz e-mail me 
Research and Development   Jim Cherry e-mail me
Special Projects   Elvin Shaw  e-mail me 

Mac Ambassador
Mac Sig Group Leader Katie Gertz email me
Bev Selvage Dolores Bruno Ed Zarr
Jim Cherry Presidents Red Malchow


Past Presidents Group: Walt Handberry, Jim Cherry, Dolores Bruno, Ed Zarr, Don Hauck, Red Malchow, Bev Selvage

Permanent Charter Member: Jim Lloyd


Signed copy of By-laws in PDF format

SVECC Charter

Policies and Procedures