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Section 1.01          Organization Name - The name of the organization shall be the SUNLAND VILLAGE EAST COMPUTER CLUB (SVECC) (hereafter referred to as the computer club, SVECC, or the Club).  The principal location of the Club is within the community ("village") of Sunland Village East, Mesa, Arizona, (hereafter referred to as SVE).  The computer club may, at its pleasure by a majority vote of its membership body, change its name.

Section 1.02          Purpose - The purpose of the Club is to provide a forum whereby SVE members can exchange ideas, information and resolve problems related to the operation of their personal computers, computer peripheral equipment and associated software and to enhance the skills of novice computer users through sharing of information and ideas with the experience of those with more advanced knowledge.

Section 1.03          Objective - The objective of the Club is to familiarize any interested resident of SVE with the various ways in which personal computers can be put to use, such as budgeting, genealogy, researching, correspondence, record keeping, games, music, photo editing, etc.  Members shall gather information to share with other members about the desirable options available in computer and other peripheral equipment so that members can customize their personal computing equipment to match their individual needs.

Section 1.04          Monies - The computer club shall receive, hold and disperse monies through dues or assessments and shall use the funds for supplies, equipment and to promote computer usage and training within the Club.           


Section 2.01          Membership is open to all SVE residents interested in promoting the objectives of the Club and willing to take an active part in the activities of the Club.

Section 2.02          Classes of Membership - There are two (2) classes of membership;  Individual Membership and Family Membership.  Hereafter, the categories of Individual Member and Family Member shall be referred to in these bylaws as "members."

Section 2.03          Dues - An Annual membership fee shall be determined by the Club's board of directors.  The membership year shall be on a calendar basis from October 1 through September 30 of each year.  There will not be prorating of the annual  fee for any portion of a membership year.  Payment of dues shall be made prior to the Annual Meeting in January for members to be in good standing and eligible to vote at the annual meeting.

Section 2.04          Rules - Each member shall abide by all the rules as established by the SVECC Board of Director's and approved by the SVE-HOA Board of Directors.

Section 2.05          Participation - Each member shall have the opportunity to participate in all SVECC activities.

Section 2.06          Membership Limit - There shall be no limit to the number of members the club may admit.

Section 2.07          Qualifications -SVE residents shall be admitted into membership upon receipt of their annual dues and shall be considered a member in good standing.

Section 2.08          Privacy - Without the express permission of the individual members, information recorded in the Club membership book shall not be used for any purpose other than authorized membership functions and communication within the Club.

Section 2.09          Liability - No member of the Club shall be personally liable for the debts, liabilities or obligation of the SVECC.       

Section 2.09          Resignation - Members may resign from the Club upon written  or verbal notice to the Secretary of the Club.  Membership dues are non-refundable.

Section 2.10          Officer Qualifications - No member may serve as an elected officer of the Club or as an appointed Director of the Club unless that member is in good standing.


Section  3.01         Annual Meeting Date - The Annual meeting of the membership shall normally  be held on the second Monday in January at a time and place announced at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.  If the meeting cannot be held on the second Monday of the month of January  it will be held as soon thereafter as possible.  

Section 3.02          Notification - The annual meeting shall be announced by any two of the following ways:  telephone call, U.S. Mail,  e-mail,  announcement during a regularly scheduled weekly meeting, or posted on the Club's website. 

Section 3.03          Special Meetings - The President or any other two (2) elected officers may call a Special membership meeting for the purpose of transacting Club business, provided written notice is given to each Club member at least 10 days in advance of such a meeting stating the purpose of the meeting.

Section 3.04          Quorum - Those present at an annual or special membership meeting shall constitute a quorum of the Club.

Section 3.05          Robert's Rules of Order - The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall be used as a guideline in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws, or with any special rules of order the SVECC may adopt. 


ARTICLE IV - BOARD OF DIRECTORS  (Officer's Qualification, Election, Term of Office )

Section 4.01          Board of Directors - The SVECC Board of Directors  shall consist of Elected Officers and appointed Directors.  The Board of Directors shall have general supervision of the affairs of the SVECC between annual meetings, make recommendations to the Club and shall perform such other duties as are specified in these bylaws.

Section 4.02          Election and installation of Officers will be held in January during the Annual Meeting.  The officers of the Club shall be the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  These officers shall perform the duties prescribed in these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the SVECC. 

Section 4.03          (A)   Qualifications - Any Member in good standing of SVECC is qualified to be an officer of the Computer Club.

                                  (B)   Term of Office - The term of office of the President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer shall be two (2) years.  The officers shall hold office until their term expires or until he or she resigns or is otherwise disqualified to serve, or until his or her successor shall be elected and qualified. 

                                  (C)  Consecutive Term of Office - No elected or appointed Officer shall serve in the same office more than two (2) consecutive terms (4 years).  After serving two consecutive terms the member may be elected to serve in any other elected position or may be appointed to a Director position.

                                  (D)   Nominating Committee - The President  shall appoint a nomination committee, consisting of members in good standing and chaired by one of its members, to identify and recommend to the membership successors to the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary or Treasurer.  Nominations for Officers may also be accepted from the floor during the annual meeting. 

                                  (D)  Elections - Officers will be elected by a voice or show of hands vote of the members at the Annual meeting or at a special meeting called for the purpose of electing officers.

Section 4.04          Removal of Elected Officers - An officer may be removed from office when sufficient cause exists as determined by a majority of the membership at a meeting called for the purpose of determining sufficient cause for removal.

Section 4.05          Vacancy - Any vacancy of any office shall be filled by an appointment made by consensus of the remaining officers and Directors of the Club.  The replacement officer will serve for the unexpired portion of the vacating officer's term.

Section 4.06          President:  The President shall be the chief officer.  The President shall preside at all meetings to see that the bylaws of the Club are carried out in a proper manner and to appoint Directors and committees as required.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, standing and special.

Section 4.07          1st Vice President - Shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President or in the event of the inability or refusal of the President to act,  and carry out all other duties as may be prescribed by the membership or the President of the Club.

Section 4.08          2nd Vice President - Shall perform the duties of the 1st Vice President in his or her absence or while the 1st Vice President is serving as President, and carry out all other duties as may be prescribed by the membership or the President of the Club.

Section 4.09          Secretary - The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings, carry out all correspondence, maintain and have the custody of all non-financial records and carry out all other duties as may be prescribed by the membership or the President of the Club.

Section 4.10          Treasurer - The Treasurer shall have custody of and deposit funds in the name of the Club in such banks,  trust companies or other depositories as shall be directed by the Club officers.  The Treasurer shall receive monies due and payable to the Club from any source whatever and shall disburse or cause to be disbursed the funds of the Club as may be directed by the officers.  The Treasurer shall keep and maintain adequate and correct accounts of the Club's financial transactions and report such transactions during regular board meetings and annual membership meetings.  The Treasurer shall prepare or cause to be prepared, an annual financial statement to be included in the annual report to the membership and to the SVE management office.  In general, the Treasurer will perform all duties incident to the office of Treasurer and such other duties as may be required by law or by these bylaws, or which may be assigned to him or her from time to time by the Officers or membership.


Section 5.01          Appointment - The President shall appoint Directors as required.  These Director's shall, in conjunction with the elected Officers, constitute the SVECC Board of Directors. 

Section 5.02          Director Assignments - Director shall include, but are not limited to Membership, Programs, Research, Planning, Publicity, Property Manager, Special Interest Group (SIG), and Training.  The President or his or her designee will establish the responsibilities of each Director.

Section 5.03          Term - Directors shall serve for a 1-year term beginning in January and may be reappointed to serve consecutive terms.  Directors have no limitation as to the number of consecutive terms they may served.


Section 6.01          Schedule - Board of Director's meetings shall be held on a regular scheduled basis or as otherwise determined by the President of the Club.

Section 6.02          Special Board meetings may be called by the President or by any three members of the Board of Director's upon three (3) days notice delivered to all members of the Board of Directors.

Section 6.03          Quorum - Three members of the Board of Director's shall constitute a quorum.  Each Board member is allowed only one vote.


Section 7.01          Financial  Account - The Club Treasurer shall ensure that the Clubs funds are deposited on behalf of the Club in recognized banks, savings institution or other financial organization insured by the FDIC.

Section 7.02          Expenditures, other than expenditures considered normal operating expenditures (i.e., office supplies, monthly internet services, etc.) must receive verbal approved by at least three (3) Board members.

Section 7.03          Limit of Expenditures - No more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00) shall be dispersed by the board for any single expenditure and any amount over seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00) must be approved by the members at a regularly scheduled business meeting.

Section 7.04          Signature Card - The Treasurer and the President shall affix their signatures to the Club's required bank documents and bank signature cards.


Section 8.01          Software & Equipment - All software purchased for installation on the Club's computers shall be commercial, copyrighted material or covered under the GPL (General Public License) and shall not be copied for any other purpose or use, unless allowed under the applicable GPL.  Nor shall any commercial programs or software installed on the Club's computers be loaned out.  Only those items that have been procured for the Club's library as educational material will be available on a borrow-and-return basis.  Purchased software programs will serve the Club's training needs and bookkeeping/recordkeeping  needs.  These programs will be installed on the Club's computers and maintained by the computer custodian or his/her designee.

Section 8.02          Inventory - The Club shall maintain an inventory of all equipment, software and other materials with a value in excess of two-hundred-fifty dollars ($250.) owned by the Club .

Section 8.03          Use of Computers -The SVECC computers will primarily be used as training tools to conduct small classes in the use of computer programs & software.  No Club equipment (computers, printers, projectors, peripheral equipment, duplicators, software, etc.) shall to loaned to any member or non-member of the Club without the specific approval of the Club President.

Section 8.04          Instructors -  Instructors will be selected from the membership or invited from other organizations that can serve to provide additional training and support.

Section 8.05          Restrictions on Use of Equipment - Due to the delicate nature of the Club's computers, use of this equipment shall be restricted to adults only.  A Club monitor will be required to offer assistance.  To ensure that the Club's property is used sensibly and safety, appropriate restrictions will be necessary to protect this common investment. 


Section 9.01          Conflict of Bylaws - Should any bylaws of the Sunland Village East Computer Club conflict with the bylaws of the Sunland Village East Homeowners Association (SVE-HOA) then said SVECC bylaws shall be amended to comply with the bylaws of the SVE-HOA.

Section 9.02          Amendments - These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at any meeting, provided that notice of the proposed amendment, including the date and time of the meeting, was sent to the membership via U.S. Mail, electronic mail, or posted on the official website of SVECC at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.

Section 9.03          Bylaws Approval - Approval of these bylaws shall be indicated by the signatures of the Club Officers and the signature of the SVE-HOA President (or designee) and date signed.

Section 9.04          Club Dissolution - Upon the vote of two-thirds (2/3) of those members attending a special meeting called for that purpose, the SVE Computer Club will be dissolved.  Any undisbursed funds and/or equipment held at that time as determined by the current membership will be transferred to the SVE-HOA.


APPROVAL BY THE SVECC MEMBERSHIP:   (date) _______1/11/2016______________


PRESIDENT:          Arlene Oisten_____________________________________________

1st VP:                    Joseph Zagar_____________________________________________

2nd VP                    James Cherry____________________________________

SECRETARY:          Nancy Rogers_____________________________________________

TREASURER:         Minor Cross_____________________________________________

APPROVED BY SVE-HOA BOARDS OF DIRECTORS: : Approval on File in HOA _________________________________________

                                                                                DATE:       _________________________________________

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